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How to Build Influence from the Ground Up

You may have heard the phrase “It isn’t what you know , it’s who you know” Personally I prefer a variation on this…  ‘It isn’t what you know, or just who you know, it’s also who knows you!” because broken down this refers to your knowledge, your network and your reputation. But Influence is a broader…

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Mixing Business & Pleasure Online – Reputation Matters

<strong>Another from the Archives – Written years ago! How is your reputation effected by the content you share online?</strong> I get asked a lot when speaking about whether people should mix business with their private lives when it comes to online networking. People are concerned that clients may see something which may show them in…

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The Importance of a Network

Your network is the most powerful asset you have for creating opportunity and becoming more successful. I believe the calibre of people you associate with, will not only reflect on you, but will have a direct impact on your opportunities. **This blog post is for people who are new to networking or want to know exactly…

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