Political Intelligence in the Workplace

Over the last year (plus) we have been delivering a number of leadership programs in the Middle East where there has been an increasing demand for the topic of ‘Political Intelligence (PQ)’. People talk about IQ and EQ but often they forget about PQ… which is advantageous to get ahead.

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous workplace, developing political intelligence is becoming increasingly more important for career/project/leadership success. Political intelligence is the ability to understand and navigate the unwritten rules of an organization, build alliances, manage conflicts, and influence others to achieve personal and organizational goals. People often associate building influence with being underhand, but in reality it simply involves managing things like trust, loyalty and understanding motivation rather than anything more sinister.

Here are some top tips for developing PQ in the workplace:

• Build your network: Building a network of professional relationships is critical for developing political intelligence. Take the time to get to know your colleagues, understand their perspectives and goals, and look for ways to collaborate and help each other. Think about which stakeholders can influence your outcomes.

• Observe and listen: Pay attention to the culture, power dynamics, and communication patterns in your workplace. Observe how others interact and try to understand the underlying motivations and interests.

• Develop emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage your own emotions and those of others. This skill is essential for building relationships, resolving conflicts, and influencing others.

• Be strategic: Develop a clear understanding of your own goals and objectives, as well as those of your organization. Look for opportunities to align your interests with the goals of others and build alliances to achieve common objectives.

• Be ethical: It’s important to use political intelligence in an ethical and transparent way. Avoid engaging in manipulative or unethical behaviour, and always act with integrity and honesty.

By developing political intelligence, you can navigate the complex social and power dynamics of your workplace, build strong relationships, and achieve your career goals. Remember that political intelligence is not about being manipulative or deceitful, but rather about understanding the social and political realities of the workplace and using that understanding to negotiate positive outcomes for yourself and your organization, faster and with less resistance.

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