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About Influence

Stand out in a sea of "average" and start achieving your goals.

Success is not only a matter of what you know and who you know, it′s also a matter of who knows you; by becoming a trusted contact and a source of answers, your influence expands and so do your opportunities.

This book will show you how to build influence from the ground up. You might already know that communication is key, but do you understand how different people communicate and how you should respond? Discover the power of networking and gain valuable advice for building the right relationships with the right people and how to leverage those relationships where it counts.

Influence is a powerful asset based on a simple concept, but the actual skills required to achieve it don′t come naturally to most. However, skills can be learned and this book provides expert instruction with real–world application to help you get to where you want to be.

  • Master the art of communication and build rapport
  • Raise your profile and manage your reputation
  • Develop strategic relationships and grow your network
  • Become the trusted go–to person in your field

If you′re ready to get more out of your job, your career and your life, Influence gives you the guidance and motivation you need to get moving.


Guy Rigby

“This book is a triumph. A thoroughly relevant, engaging and well-written must read for anyone who wants to win friends and influence people.”

Guy Rigby Head of entrepreneurial services at Smith and Williamson and author of best-selling book From Vision to Exit: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building and Selling a Business

Grant Leboff

“In this comprehensive book, Warren uncovers how you can build your influence in today’s technological world.”

Grant Leboff CEO of, International Speaker and Author

Will Kintish

“This book reflects Warren’s approach to life. He understands the first principle of relationship building: ‘What’s in it for you?’ Over the years he has set up so many events to create opportunities for others. Warren’s whole attitude is authentically reflected in this book.”

Will Kintish International Speaker and Author on Networking

Nigel Risner

“At last, a book on influence written post-internet, which contains practical and easy to apply strategies. Whether you just want that promotion or to be a known authority in your field, Warren has created your very own blueprint.”

Nigel Risner Award-Winning Leadership Speaker and Author

Adam Harris

“Warren is one of a kind and his network, passion to help others and charisma is unrivalled. This book captures the essence of who and what he is about, which makes it practical, real, and easy to implement. There are many strategies to build more influence in your life, and you will struggle to find one not in this book. Warren has comprehensively researched what it means to be influential in a digital age (whilst not forgetting good old fashioned face-to-face persuasion), and written the definitive guide. You will gain so much from reading this, and it’s a book that you will re-read and pick up frequently.”

Adam Harris Vistage Chair, Business Coach and Speaker

Robert Craven

“Warren’s book is a bang up-to-date exploration of what influence is and how to use the concept to your advantage. It is about using influence respectfully and is free of the old Machiavellian approaches. A must read for anyone trying to get on and make the progress they feel they deserve.”

Robert Craven Author, Grow Your Service Firm

Andy Lopata

“Developing your network and reputation is a must for anyone seeking success in business, who knows you is more important than who you know. In this book, Warren delivers tried and tested techniques that anyone can apply immediately to increase their influence and raise their profile. Essential reading.”

Andy Lopata International Speaker and Author on the subject of Networking

Daniel Barnett

“Warren Cass is a thought leader for the 21st century who has put together the perfect guide to influencing and persuading others, in business and in life. There’s a new kid on the block for Robert Cialdini fans. Drawing on dozens of examples from real life, Warren covers every conceivable topic ranging from what to wear through to positioning on Google and in social media. Read this book if you want to improve your wealth, your relationships or your reputation.”

Daniel Barnett Employment Law Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers

Bill Morrow

“Warren was the FIRST person I talked to when I set up my business ten years ago. The fact that he gave me great advice is not the point here; the fact that he had established himself as an influencer in the start-up market, all those years ago, is. Social proof is perhaps even more valid these days than way back then and when Warren talks, I listen. He is the go-to guy amongst professionals and I am thrilled he is now willing to share his wisdom with a wider audience. If you really want to want to learn from someone who has tasted success and setbacks and now tells you in a relaxed yet concise way all you need to know to increase your social proof … read this book”

Bill Morrow Founder,, named World’s Most Influential figure in Alternative Finance by City AM
Barnaby Wynter

“In a world increasingly focused on artificial intelligence, it is important that we do not lose sight of our emotional intelligence. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand their own power of influence to improve the world around them. Every page is thought-provoking with numerous practical applications, even for the most seasoned of influencers. Enjoy the discovery for yourself.”

Barnaby Wynter Communications Director, Lara Group PLC

Lara Morgan

“Whilst Warren admits to making mistakes both large and small, his relentless involvement in small business development allows him to have positive influence and to build one of the world’s best assets, available to all; his network. Through his well-organised, well-administered and intelligently applied approach, anyone and everyone is capable of placing themselves in the right rooms, with the right people and being brave enough to step outside their comfort zones to introduce themselves to strangers.”

Lara Morgan Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker and Author

Ivan Misner

“Never before have there been so many opportunities to raise your profile and build a reputation. Having influence draws people to you and creates new opportunities. Warren has written an easy to read, easy to implement guide which is a must read for anyone who wants to get ahead.”

Ivan Misner NY Times best-selling author and Founder of BNI

Rob Brown

“Influence is one of those things that everybody wants but nobody knows quite what it is or how to get it. The ability to make people take certain actions, think certain thoughts, say certain things and feel certain ways is a fundamental skill for success. And never has influence been a more desirable quality than in today’s crazy world of noise, distrust and confusion. Warren Cass is one of the greatest influencers I know, and this superb book is the blueprint for high level connecting, reputation building and influencing.”

Rob Brown Speaker and Author of Build Your Reputation

Ren Kapur MBE

“In an age where building a trusted personal brand matters more than ever before, Warren has created a road map that’s packed with ideas and easy to action. Honestly written and teaches skills that are invaluable for life.”

Ren Kapur MBE Founder and CEO, X-Forces

Andy Gwynn

“This book is THE manual if you want to be successful in your relationships (business and personal), your communication, marketing, sales, business meetings or any interaction with other people. Warren has written it from a position of years of understanding, study and practice. It explains every single topic you need to improve your influence with others. It also wonderfully explains all of the principles in many ways including much quoted research, practical world-wide examples, statistics and philosophy. This is my ‘carry around reference book’ to dip into before any important meeting or to help with any business project where I need a competitive edge. It should be yours too.”

Andy Gwynn Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Author and Professional Speaker

Nikki Owen

“When I first met Warren Cass I was instantly struck by his authentic presence. In Influence, he shares his vast reservoirs of practical knowledge and innate wisdom in a way that’s easy for the reader to absorb and apply. If you are struggling to stand out from today’s competitive marketplace, this book will enable you to transform your personal impact and allow your message to reverberate within the hearts and minds of others. Warren’s honest and easy writing style holds the power to influence your entire life. This book is an absolute must read if you want to operate at an even higher level to create more of the results you want in all aspects of your life.”

Nikki Owen Global Thought Leader on Charisma, Award Winning Speaker and Bestselling Author

Geoff Ramm

“What’s really clever about Warren’s book is that it invites you to be part of the narrative, contextualising all of the lessons so they are relevant to you. By the time you have finished it you will have total clarity on what you need to do to live a more influential life.”

Geoff Ramm Author of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing

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