Specialist Areas: Deep Influence, Leadership Development, Effective Communication, Digital Transformation, Culture Change, Leading Hybrid Teams, Soft Skills & Business Agility.


The role of communication (Internal & external) is changing at an accelerated pace to meet the demands of the evolving workplace. The constant flow of new technologies, increasingly dispersed (hybrid) workforces, higher expectations of social & ethical responsibilities, all in an age of misinformation & polarisation... It is all having an impact.

The Deep Influence Framework is a solution to this problem and can be used in any influence or communication context. It provide a methodology for organisations looking to create messages which deeply resonate with their target audience, whether internal or externally focussed.

C-Suite executives rank communication as the number one oversight in change programmes, and let's face it, everything is changing.


"Deliciously Witty"

"No Nonsense & Straight Talking"

"Inspiring, Informative & Engaging"

"Brilliantly Insightful"

"Overwhelmingly Great Feedback"



"Fun, Future Thinking & Entertaining"

"Highly Recommended"

"Totally Inspiring"

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As the meetings & events industry continues to adapt to the current challenges the world is facing, so do I. If you are looking for a capable, experienced, virtual speaker to engage your audience... Let's talk.



  • Shane Lukas Shane Lukas AVN - Inspiring Accountants
    We had Warren Cass speak at our AVN annual conference as keynote speaker. I’ll feedback on both Warren’s content and his presentation skills as I believe both are important. From a presentation skills point of view, Warren was captivating, his pace was steady and his language was clear, he had great stage presence. He structured his presentation very well and broke up the session nicely by involving the audience occasionally in discussions and participative activities. From a content point of view, Warren's message was informative, current and pertinent. Warren demonstrated that he’s in touch with current environmental changes, technological advancements, psychological impacts on generations and of course influence. His presentation was well delivered and received incredibly well and the content he delivered although his audience in this case was accountants applies to any industry. Throughout our conference we’d had 7 speakers in total, many of whom were very seasoned speakers. We asked the audience of 190 accountants to complete feedback forms at the end the day and whilst all speakers scored very highly, Warren’s received the highest score of all. I highly recommend Warren as a speaker to any audience of business owners and key decision makers.
  • Milana Fomina Milana Fomina ACCA
    It gives me great pleasure to recommend Warren who designed and delivered a series of 2 hour seminars for senior finance directors improve their leadership, communication and people management skills. Warren is an absolute pleasure to work with - he is highly professional, attentive to detail, creative and super efficient. He took our requirements for training on board and designed content that our members found of great benefit. All of the presentations were entertaining and informative, and received excellent feedback from attendees. Warren’s style of presenting is engaging and fun, but also - to the point with case studies that helped put things in perspective. He gets the audience involved in the content which really makers it stick. We particularly liked the way his content was contextualised for our members, a perfect solution for an industry association running educational events. Warren also incorporated networking sessions into each event helping our members build connections and converse with one other - a skill each professional need to have mastered.
  • Alison Ball Alison Ball Intuit
    Warren is an amazing speaker and incredibly easy to work with on the logistics and run up to the event. He is a total professional who seeks to deeply understand the audience he is presenting to so he can amp up or down his messaging and guarantee it lands at exactly the right level on the day of. In the run-up to the event, Warren can be counted on to meet or exceed all applicable deadlines (sooooo important when you are fielding large conference schedules and have to keep the trains running on time!) We have had Warren speak at 2 of our iconic global conferences thus far (QuickBooks Connect London, and QuickBooks Connect San Jose) and he wowed. I highly recommend him as a speaker - he will definitely delight you AND your audiences!
  • Zoe Lacey-Cooper Zoe Lacey-Cooper Accountex
    Warren has spoken several times for us at Accountex due to popular demand, sharing his ideas around thought leadership, engaging with customers and influence. He is a charismatic speaker who really holds the attention of an audience and provides actionable insights with plenty of AHA moments. We would highly recommend Warren for any event.
  • Sarah Brown Sarah Brown Global Standards
    I cannot recommend Warren enough, he was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I booked Warren to speak at our Leaders of Tomorrow event and the audience were engaged 'from the off' he was charismatic and gave the all-important 'take home' pieces for the guests in attendance. Feedback form the event has been fabulous. Thank you
  • Pranil Chapaneri Pranil Chapaneri Actemium
    We recently booked Warren to deliver a keynote and host our business forum bringing leaders from the group together for the day. It was a packed agenda and included 12 Business Unit Managers being interviewed on stage by Warren to share their key information from the previous year. We were impressed with Warren’s knowledge, understanding and professionalism. On the build-up to the event, he was able to contribute ideas and advice & even with some last-minute changes to the agenda, he was flexible and accommodating. Also, I was very impressed with the way he was able to connect with the Business Unit Managers of our business, only a day before the event. This put them at ease and made them feel more comfortable about presenting on stage (this is not what they usually do!). Lastly, as a speaker, he was fantastic and came across with a natural stage presence when presenting. We would definitely consider working with Warren again as he made our event come to life!
  • Helen McGing Helen McGing CityWire
    Warren made an excellent contribution to our Citywire NMARoadshows as a speaker on soft skills. He was veryreceptive to our briefing and feedback, engaged our audienceon stage, did his homework on who they were and wasgenuinely a total gentleman and pleasure to work with.
  • Blue Davies Blue Davies British Marine
    Warren Cass was the Keynote Speaker at the British Marine, Marina Conference and was given a brief of talking about ‘Tomorrows Customer’ in the Marina Industry. Prior to the conference, Warren met with marina managers from the British Marine membership to find out what was currently happening in the Industry and what plans were in place for the future. During his keynote address, Warren gave a fascinating talk and it was clear to all delegates that his background research really made the difference to the audience, as it felt as though he was part of the marina community. He was informative, entertaining and thought-provoking. British Marine can highly recommend Warren as a keynote speaker.
  • Joshua Simons Joshua Simons Elite Business
    We invited Warren to speak at our Elite Link business event in Bournemouth where he delivered a very energetic and informative piece. He is undoubtedly a highly accomplished speaker and able to motivate all those around him to improve and learn from his experience and talent as an entrepreneur. We have invited Warren to speak at another masterclass of ours later this year due to the overwhelmingly great feedback from his first visit.
  • Robin Marks Robin Marks IBD
    I asked Warren to deliver the keynote at the ibd Business Advice Group National Conference. The subject was how Big Data, The Cloud, Social Media and Mobile are having a profound effect on our clients' businesses. As always, he gave an outstanding presentation with great insights and engaging delivery. So far all the delegate feedback forms rate his presentation as "Excellent" - many thanks Warren.