Warren Cass is one of those rare speakers that inspires, entertains and informs. He has been sharing his ideas around communication & relationships for nearly two decades. He is the best-selling author of ‘Influence: How to Raise Your Profile, Manage Your Reputation and Get Noticed’ and contextualises every talk he does specifically for each audience.

Warren’s style is funny, but straight talking. He has a way of really engaging an audience so they feel part of a conversation. His passion for business shows, drawing on 25 years of running his own businesses. All of his talks contains ‘real life’ examples so his audiences can relate to the ideas that he shares.

Warren firmly believes we live in times of significant change, particularly cultural, which has impacted the way we communicate and relate to each other. In his talks he breaks this down and helps audiences leave with a better understanding of how their message is received by others and more importantly equips them with the tools to build stronger relationships.

When we focus on the way we communicate, we develop deeper bonds with those around us, both professionally and personally.

Influence is a big topic and Warren is able to focus on the areas specifically of interest. So whether the context is personal impact or sales & marketing, leadership or business culture, he can build the perfect talk for your event.


Since 2019 Warren teamed up with another Warren (Knight) to co-create Hivemind, a community of business leaders who grow both personally and professionally together.

To find out more visit www.HivemindThinking.com


When he is not working, speaking, writing, Warren loves spending time with his family or out on a hack with his daughter.

He is a long suffering West Ham United supporter but please don't hold that against him.

For the last 10 years Warren has organised a business skiing trip called NetSki which has grown steadily and is now a group of 60 business owners. Interested in getting involved?