Spam, Junk & Cold Calling… It’s Time To Be Innovative With Your Marketing!

I love spam! Well not excessive repeat of the same products but I am fascinated by other businesses marketing messages.

In the UK we detest being sold too, where as selling is a respected profession in other cultures, why is that?

I believe it is becoming increasingly harder to get noticed In business today, traditional marketing channels aren’t working as well as they used to, printed advertising has well and truly declined and society filters the endless marketing messages we are bombarded with on a daily basis. We sky+ and fast forward tv advertising, gate keepers protect us from cold calls and technology removes unwanted email… So how is a small business with limited marketing budget meant to attract new customers?

Networking? Maybe, networking is indeed a powerful route to Market if you do it right. I have built a brilliant network particularly in the last 20 years where I networked with strategy and purpose.

Networking is ideal for professional services but not as effective if you are selling low cost product with low margin. There are always exceptions but networking is a medium to long term strategy to fill your pipeline IMHO.

Guerrilla marketing? Personally I love guerilla marketing, for those that don’t understand, it is unconventional campaigns which are typically interactive and take consumers by surprise. It relies more on imagination rather than marketing budget and can if done right become really viral. I will blog more about this separately.

What about social media? Of course, it’s cheap and has great reach if done properly. So tell me why do some businesses still resist? What are they afraid of? I say it a lot, but most people reading this will think they have a social media strategy because they have profiles on several sites, they may even use them a bit? But generally you are there because you feel you should be, afterall everyone else is, but really you don’t have a clue how to make it work for you and achieve the all important return on investment.

The world of marketing has changed & continues to do so. In fact it has seen an incredible evolution in the last 10 years and most haven’t kept up. So many companies which have been around for many years are closing their doors and why? Because they failed to innovate! They failed to embrace change!

Wake up! Smell the coffee and adapt people! If this resonates with you, get in touch, I will try to help!