Helping people connect with their purpose

When People Connect To Their PURPOSE

Hello Marvellous People of the Internet

While eating my lunch today I stumbled across this chap’s YouTube video (Michael Palmisano) analysing a John Butler song. You may not know but I am a guitarist myself (Albeit average) and I just happen to own a few John Butler Trio albums too. So I watched.

Here is the video… then I will tell you why I shared it. Watch it all if you want… or watch enough to make my comments below make sense. 

Firstly, notice how Michael (The host) is shining the light on others, and is sharing his knowledge on their content (Demonstrating Expertise – a principle I talk about in my book)… And boy don’t you get a feel for his knowledge as he effortlessly recreates the sounds despite hearing the song for the first time.

KEY POINT – You don’t have to always be the creator of content to demonstrate expertise and give it more meaning.

Secondly, look at how much he enjoys his work, how passionate he gets about his profession and how captivating this is. He really is connected to his PURPOSE and his enthusiasm really drew me in

CHALLENGE – How can you show your passion more in what you do?

Thirdly, at the time of writing this he has over 560,000 views… with the YouTube revenue algorithm he will be earning (Subject to not being de-monetised). You-Tubers also have several other options open to them for generating revenue from their more engaged fans… Patreon for example.

Fourthly, because he is essentially now an influencer, he is more attractive to other brands. In one video a record studio has asked him to review their artist. They are leveraging ‘Credibility by Association’ (Another principle from my book) too and amplifying their content.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if he were sponsored by Paul Reed Smith Guitars (PRS), as he seems to be playing a different one in every video.

Fifthly, Michael sells online guitar courses. This content feeds his business without needing to sell. His audience already has a sense of who he is and what his values are. They know he is someone they can learn from. When you get your marketing right, people have already made the decision to buy from you when they hit your website.

Lastly, I will leave you with this comment I found in the comments section. It spoke to me because I have been this person who wasn’t connected to my work, and felt unfulfilled and uninspired with my business. It is exhausting. Thankfully now I love what I do and am also connected to a real sense of purpose… Helping people connect to theirs, and build a business they love around it.

“This video just made me realise how empty of passion my life is. I don’t want to sound like a drama queen feeling sorry for myself, but really, just the passion this guys eyes as he watches every movement and very sound John Butler does, how quickly he plays by ear, how impressed he is by all the little touches … it’s his life, he can talk endless hours about it, it drives his success and he makes a living on it … and don’t even get me started on the amazing passion and beauty of John Butler himself…. . 

I’m a doctor because I succumbed to pressure from my parents coz they wanted “to have a doctor as a son”, the biggest scam and now i’m unemployed and depressed every single day of my life …. find something you love guys, and stick with it, do it with passion, don’t worry about money, just do what you love and success will follow.”

If you would like to connect to your purpose, re-invent your business and get a clearer sense of your IDENTITY, take a look at the work I do with Warren Knight over at the Thought Leaders Blueprint… especially our Identity Workshop.