Conversations Create Opportunities

Social media for me is all about starting conversations. From conversations come new relationships, knowledge and opportunities!

Or to quote a cliche… from small acorns grow mighty oaks!

I have noticed that conversations can go off in many directions depending on the environment. For example if I were to discuss politics in the pub with my mates I would probably express myself very different if I were in a business environment. So whats my point?

I use twitter for both sharing content and business & social status updates. My twitter account feeds my status on Facebook and LinkedIn occasionally. I regularly receive comments in several environments but LinkedIn will always get a more business like response than Facebook & often conversations will go off in totally different directions.

The important thing is to ensure you respond. If someone takes the time to answer your question, or contributes to your discussion, then take the time to thank them or continue the conversation. Others may get drawn in.

Some ideas for conversations starters

  • Tell us what your working on? – People naturally want to help!
  • Tell us who you are working with? – People naturally want to help!
  • Ask for advice/expertise/answers – People naturally want to help!
  • Share content and ask for feedback – People naturally want to help!
  • Research – Ask for opinions? – People naturally want to help!

Did you spot the common theme? Let me know how you get on?