Useful Articles For Event Planners

Event Promotion

Do you want help promoting your event? Warren is often asked to promote the events he speaks at to help attract an audience which is no problem. Not only does he have an engaged database but also a strong social following.

Going the extra mile...

Warren offers the following extra touches to add even more value to your event.

  • He can write a 'looking forward to meeting you' message which you can use for promotion
  • He can record a short video message specific to your audience for promotion
  • He can record a short video message for delegates after the event to remind them of the key points
  • He can write 1 or a series of emails/blogs/articles to reinforce the learning
  • He can stay & join your VIP's for lunch/dinner
  • He can promote your event to his following


My Promise To You

Running events can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether or not the speaker will show up or that their presentation is ready. As someone who also runs events, Warren promises you the following;-